Welcome to my build diary for my MNR Vortx kit.

I’m Al and I live in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and as you may notice, i like lotus seven based cars. As a previous owner of two alternative Seven versions, a Tiger R6 (Zetec) and a Westfield FW Sport (Duratec) this build is a fresh challenge, not least as I have chosen to build a Bike Engine powered Kit (BEK).

The Tiger R6 I purchased and had built to order from Tiger Cars. It was a great car, but the Zetec always felt a bit under powered and car a bit heavy so I bit the bullet and decided to build a Westfield Kit. I chose the Westfield for a few reasons, but the main ones were :

(1) Good reputation

(2) Supplied a kit with all new parts included ( didn’t want to go the donor route)

(3) Build Manual looked to be as “numpty” proof as possible with each step spelt out.

The MNR is another level, the build manual is limited to a few photos and guides and does not really provide specific instructions on how to do a lot of the build, just what you need to do ( for the main elements). That said they have proven to date to be really communicative and there is a great community of MNR owners that are hugely helpful. Because each MNR car can be different, it makes sense i guess that one size will never fit all.

I expect this will take me a year or so to do but worst case i hope to have it SVA approved before my 50th Birthday !

I am not an experienced mechanic and so I expect plenty of tears along the way, but doing something outside your comfort zone is a great challenge and for me, the only way that lets me switch off from work.

Tiger R6 2.0 Zetec (Purchased factory built in 2009)


Westfield FW2000 Sport 2.0 Duratec (Built as a Kit in 2012)

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