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In my build i am using a 2012 Honda BCR-1000RR Fireblade engine.

Got the engine crane out ( only needed it once before) and got a chance to look over the engine which as done approx 8,000 miles.

I contact Andy Bates at AB Performance, and he recommended i delete the water pump and fit an external water pump that is always on ( from the ignition key), so after a trac session it can sit in paddock with the water pump still working even though the engine isn’t turning over. This made a lot of sense, so i have purchased a water pump delete kit from him to do this.

I’ve also been considering how best to secure the engine into the chassis with the mounts provided. I didn’t get any fittings from MNR and have not been able to get any contact from them recently, so after speaking to Dave Powell ( who built a fab Vortx) he recommended i helicoil the four mounting points on the engine so there is no room for wiggle and vibration.  Never done it before, but in for a penny, in for a pound.

Below are the mounting brackets, and then the points on the engine i’ll need to helicoil.