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Waiting on some information from MNR so i can progress at the rear of the car, so decided to take a look at fitting the bulkhead panels in the engine bay. I anticipate i’ll be fitting the fuseboxes and other bits and pieces to this.  Started off with some blank Aluminium sheet.


Then i marked out the outline i needed for the top chassis hoop and started to cut. I used an air nibbler for the main cuts and a smaller angle grinder blade on a dremmel for the smaller parts.

Then i mounted it on the chassis, secured with tape to ensure it all aligned properly, drilled and secured with rivets.  For the central access hole i’ll use for wiring  i secured with a sealed ring ( thanks to Simon O’Kane for supplying me the parts for this).


I’m fairly happy with the finish, metal work isn’t my forte ( not sure what is yet) but all things considered a good job done.