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It has been fun and games getting the alignment of the reversing motor with the gear that is attached between the diff and prop shaft join, so i decided to fit the prop shaft to ensure i knew exactly where it was aligned and then could make final adjustments to the reversing motor mounting plate once it was complete.

As you can see above, i started by getting the reversing motor gear aligned with the diff > Prop shaft mounting plate, the holes are offset, so you have to rotate the gear through 90 to find the point where the bolts all align.  Once in line, i offered up the Union from the head of the prop shaft and after a lot of fiddling ( in hindsight this is not a job for one person ), i managed to get it secured.

** The bolts need to be secured with thread lock. I have not done this yet, just in case i need to disconnect it again during the build. Big not on garage whiteboard so i don’t forget.

Next once it was secure ( left picture above) , i could then reconnect the spline of the prop shaft. These i believed are balanced, so before i separated it, i marked alignment points on both ends so i could be sure it went back exactly as it was manufactured.

That was it, checked it was still clearly central by looking down the lien of the transmission tunnel, and one more job done. ( This took me a lot longer than it should have, but there you go. )