With the diff in place its possible to align the ear on the reversing motor with the larger gear that needs to be fitted to the junction of the diff and prop shaft.

I didn’t have space between the two gears on a horizontal plane ( when you engage the gear slides out to engage the gear on the propshaft) and without  a gap it would be permanently engaged.


So i had to fabricate a spacer so it would have suitable clearance. After cutting a template and some fettling, the motor was refitted a couple of mm further way. 


Once back on the car, time to check clearance of the two gears. At this point i hit a bit of a roadblock, as my upper gear ( on the reversing motor) sits a couple of mm too low and isn;t able to engage with the gear on the prop shaft.


So i am going to have to pause and have a head scratch on what the best strategy is for this.