I anticipated this would be a relatively simple task, but i have realised quite quickly there are quite a few things that need to be in place before i can finish this job.

Anyway, i started by marking up the position of the handbrake, then drilled out the bolt holes and secured the handbrake.

I then attached the handbrake cables to the rear brake calipers and worked backwards, securing with cable ties as i went, to work out what length of cable i needed.


As part of the process, i marked up the length of cables i needed after a test fit and cut them. Note these cables must be made of Kryptonite as it took me ages to cut them.

Anyway, after a lot of sweat and cursing, the cables were cut and then fitted.


I got some advice from the MNR guys on FB and the suggestion was to raise up the handbrake if fitting to a car with an electric reverse, so there is more clearance for the cables, so i then added spacers.


I am not convinced with the proposed method to secure the cables and ensure enough force can be applied through the handbrake, so i drilled two bolts and expanded the size of the connecting plate holes so i could use a more secure connecting method.

Add Hubs and brakes pads to rear so i can check handbrake cable is sufficiently tight – which means fit the driveshafts first, which means fitting the diff so i need to pause on this and return once i have the rear end sorted.

Still not happy with the clearance and fit, so going to come back to it tomorrow.