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Decided i’d fit the rear wishbones just to keep things in balance. First step was to sort out which side the wishbones are for, fortunately only the lower ones are specific to a side, the upper wishbones are identical.

Below is a before and after fitting.

It’s worth noting that all of the mounting points on the chassis were too tight for the bolts to pass through, so i needed to use a small round file to remove the powder coat inside each of the mounting points.

Much like the front, the shocks are then fitted, i started with the mount at the top of the chassis, and let it hang free.

I then fitted the rear upright to the lower wishbone, and then this connects at the top to both the bottom of the shock  absorber and the upper wishbone.  You need to adjust the washers (spacers) to ensure it is a good fit. I am hoping i got mine about right.

The final bit of this part was to fit the brake caliper mounting plates onto the rear uprights, (the aluminium plates shown above)