Conscious i will need to remove these before i fit the body tub, but i wanted to see how they would fit and will hopefully help me when marking up the template for cutting the bodywork to make clearance for them.

Anyway, as expected the first job was to clear the bolt holes on the chassis, where these are powder coated they are just too tight for the bolts to fit.  I’d also recommend you invest in a rubber mallet, which is a key tool when trying to fit the uprights  🙂

2016-08-29 11.34.17-1

Once i filed all of the bolt holes and checked they had sufficient clearance, it was just a case of lining up each of the front wishbones ( top and bottom), easing them in with my rubber mallet and then test fitting. They had all been supplied with M10 x 80mm bolts which on 4 of the 8 fitting points are too long to fit without fouling the chassis, so worth ordering some M10 x 70mm bolts as these look to fit just right.

Looks ok once done, just debating if i need to worry about fitting the hubs / uprights at this point.

2016-08-29 12.12.33