With a cold and wet weekend, didn’t have much time, or frankly inclination, to be out in the garage. So I took the opportunity to take the SVC wiring loom, lay it out inside, figure out all the colour codes and then print and label up all the connectors, hoping this will make life a little bit easier once it goes in the car.

I have ordered some loom tape so will wrap the relevant sections over the next few evenings once it arrives.

So this was the starting point

2015-12-13 12.01.37

Took the SVC wiring key (colour coded for each cable)

2015-12-13 12.29.07

and then after labeling with my DYMO printer, this is how it all looks, still quite intimidating, but easier to handle one by one now.

2015-12-13 14.38.01


2015-12-13 14.38.19 2015-12-13 14.38.33 2015-12-13 14.41.40