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In the scheme of things this wasn’t too taxing, although as I found out, I am missing the aluminium strap used to support the reservoir onto its “shelf”. I’ve dropped a couple of emails to MNR which I haven’t heard back from yet, but I have bought some alloy sheet so may well have to fabricate one myself.

Once the Pedal box was fitted from the engine side you have the front and rear brake servos visible.

2015-11-08 13.20.02

I took the supplied alloy shelf, measured up and drilled 3 mounting holes so I could rivet it to the bulkhead. ( First time my son has got involved so I let him do the drilling for me…and he did great )

2015-11-14 10.50.27 2015-11-14 10.50.32

I offered it up the bulkhead, made sure it was all square and then marked holes to drill ready for riveting.

2015-11-14 11.04.07 2015-11-14 11.05.04

Then a quick file down the holes and I also decided to make the shelf black so it looked a bit smarter.

Once the shelf was fitted, just needed to secure the brake pipes, cur the brake hoses to length and connect everything up.

2015-11-22 11.03.44

Job done, now just need to get a strap to secure the fluid reservoir.