Not been looking forward to doing the brake lines, and at the time of writing I haven’t done any yet. I started the process with fitting the 4 way T-Piece at the front of the car for the front brake distribution. It basically takes the main brake line that comes to the front of the car and splits it so a line heads off to both front brakes and the brake pressure switch sensor is fitted to the final “T”.

All sounds simple, but the mounting point on the front on my chassis isn’t in the same place as other build blogs I have seen and when I offered it up to mount, realised pretty quickly the lines would foul the lower mounting point for the front shocks on the offside.

2015-11-14 11.27.13

As you can see, that was never going to work. So after an extra Weetabix for added strength, I gradually bent the bracket forwards so it provided the clearance needed.

2015-11-22 10.10.36 2015-11-22 10.14.53

And then finally fitted the brake Pressure switch (temporarily) need to get some PTFE tape just to make sure its a good snug fit. I think I need to get a nylon spacer too, just to bring the 4 way connecter a little further away from the chassis.   I was kind of assuming that my “full” kit would include everything I needed but I suppose its not unrealistic to need to buy extra fixings etc.


So I guess no more procrastination, next job is to actually get the brake lines fitted.