Figured the process should be a bit easier as I have done it once, but on the drivers side the panel supplied needs to be cut in half so that it fits in the space between the chassis rails. So out with the saw to cut in half.

2015-11-02 09.17.592015-11-02 10.03.57








Measured up the lower panel, as before marked where the chassis would be, drilled pilot holes every inch and half, mounted with clamps to chassis and drilled holes ready to rivet.

2015-11-02 10.17.58 2015-11-02 10.47.48







Finally, back out with the rivet gun to fix it securely in place. As you can see below, once it was fixed, started the process again with the upper panel, which needed a few bits taken out of it to fit under the top chassis bars.

2015-11-02 12.26.58


Once everything was lined up, did the same as before, make a pilot hole, drill and debur panel and then drill into chassis rails with a 3.2mm drill bit, align, Tiger seal and rivet.

2015-11-07 11.24.11


Once it was all done I then applied some Tiger seal from within the foot wells just to ensure there were no gaps or places fro water to ingress.

2015-11-07 11.37.51