…and hopefully not long to go before I can pick up a van full of bits and starting building my Vortx.  I’ve asked for an update from the team at MNR so hopefully i’ll get a definitive date shortly.

In the meantime, some other MNR owners have been out on trackdays and seeing the photos and videos has been making my wait even harder, as their cars look brilliant. I can’t wait to be joining them on a trackday or three…… I know, I’m probably jumping the gun a bit and have the small issue of building it to contend with first, but I live in hope 🙂

Anyway Steven Czerwionka posted some great photos from Blyton park yesterday on the MNR owners facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/MNRsportscars), so I hope he won’t mind me sharing here, suffice to say, great photos.

steveW1 steveW2

steveW3 steveW4 steveW5 steveW6 steveW7 steveW8 steveW9 steveW10 steveW11