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instruction-manualWell when i say i read the Manual, i meant i read a fairly high level overview of what to do with probably 40% of the parts. Compared to my previous experience with a Westfield, which comes with a huge step by step manual, there is not that much to go on and I can’t deny, I was a bit surprised…and worried.

I suspect the difference here is that with Westfield or Caterham owners pick an “off the shelf” model and a full kit arrives with everything needed to build the car. With the MNR (and many others) there is clearly much more owner input and flexibility on the final specification, many source their own parts for much of the build, so that of course means the documentation can’t cover everything.

This does make me slightly nervous, as without a full Manual, how can I can i possibly know what is missing or what i am doing wrong ? Equally, how can you know if everything is connected the right (and safe) way to the right torque if it isn’t explicitly mentioned in any documentation.  Having been on the blogs of quite a few owners they all seem to have managed, and managed bloody well, producing some really impressive cars….in fact i haven’t seen a bad one yet, so please god don’t make the first !

Hopefully what that all means i am stressing for no reason or perhaps (quite likely) other Vortx owners are a lot more mechanically savvy than me and didn’t rely on the manual as much as i expect to.

So far Chris and Mark at MNR have been very, very helpful, i am having to rely quite a bit on trust at this stage and hope having purchased a full kit from them that when it all arrives, I have everything I need to build and get it on the road. If they continue to be as helpful as they are now, hopefully i won’t be left scratching my head for too long. The owners club all seem quick to help and provide guidance, so just need to take it one step at a time.