Rear Drive shafts / Axle fitting



This one has been a challenge, not least as it s not an easy one man job, but started off disconnecting most of the rear suspension first before attempting to fit both of the rar drive shafts.


The one to the drivers side is slightly longer than that on the passenger side, so take note.

I had a real job getting these in, and it turned out i needed to remove the paint coating to the inserted parts of both drives to get them to slide in and engage fully. Continue reading

Fitting replacement Diff


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Finally got a replacement Diff back from MNR’s supplier and this one is looking much better.

Started off getting it filled up with suitable Diff oil. Took about 1.2 litres to fill it.  Found a bit of fish tank pipe and a funnel to get it filled.

Then took the advice from the team at MNR and Dave Powell ( Top man) and bolted from the centre out to avoid the need for so many spacers and make it a bit more secure. Fiddly job and needed a long allen key to secure the top bolts from the center while using a spanner to tighten up,  but it went in fine. Continue reading

Engine Prep


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In my build i am using a 2012 Honda BCR-1000RR Fireblade engine.

Got the engine crane out ( only needed it once before) and got a chance to look over the engine which as done approx 8,000 miles.

I contact Andy Bates at AB Performance, and he recommended i delete the water pump and fit an external water pump that is always on ( from the ignition key), so after a trac session it can sit in paddock with the water pump still working even though the engine isn’t turning over. This made a lot of sense, so i have purchased a water pump delete kit from him to do this.
Continue reading

Steering Column

In the scheme of things recently,  a nice and easy task.

I marked up a point on the engine bay dash bulkhead, drilled with a hole saw, then filed to expand the hole until i could pass the upper steering column through it without any fouling.


It was a bit awkward getting the rubber seal and internal plastic guides within the lower column mount, but otherwise not too bad.  I even manged to get my son to help so we could make sure it was aligned properly.


We couldn’t wait, so fitted the steering wheel to see how it all looks 🙂 Continue reading

Problem with Diff

Got a few issues with the diff and am waiting to hear back from MNR.

The first is fairly black and white, the mounting point on the lower passenger side doesn’t line up with the chassis hole and i am loathe to drill it out giving the turning force on it during use.

The second and slightly more annoying one is that after testing it with the prop shaft it sounded rally gravelly, like there was friction inside the diff. Had a close look today and there is definitely sand in one side of it.  Not what i expected for a newly refurbished item.

And finally, the Diff plug is sealed tight so not sure how to get it off to ensure it has suitable oil.

Am waiting on the team at MNR for next steps.

Bulkhead Panels


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Waiting on some information from MNR so i can progress at the rear of the car, so decided to take a look at fitting the bulkhead panels in the engine bay. I anticipate i’ll be fitting the fuseboxes and other bits and pieces to this.  Started off with some blank Aluminium sheet.


Then i marked out the outline i needed for the top chassis hoop and started to cut. I used an air nibbler for the main cuts and a smaller angle grinder blade on a dremmel for the smaller parts. Continue reading

Reversing Motor done – I hope :)


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This has been the biggest pain in the A*** so far on this car.  In a nutshell, it doesn;t quite fit, it needed me to make spacers for it to provide sufficient clearance from the main prop mounted gear and it was sitting too low to provide vertical space between the two gears when they interlocked.

Started off expanding the mounting hole on the chassis on one side, as if fitting like an alternator, so a longer hole which would allow me to rotate the reversing motor and create a couple of mm of clearance. Continue reading